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“What the church ought to be doing”

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Acts 2:42

What the church ought to be doing”


Acts is the continuation of what Jesus began to do and to teach as seen through His disciples. It began with Peter’s preaching concerning the person and work of Jesus, as 3000 wanted to know what they must do to be saved. In response to this Peter said that it wasn’t about what they could do to be saved but rather what God had DONE to save them. That day three thousand people became “spirit filled” believers but that’s just beginning of the story of Jesus in His Church. In Acts chapter 2 verse 42

We are given four things that a “spirit filled” church does as we read that “They continued steadfastly” in these four things. The “they” in verse 42 refers to the 3000 thousand that had given their lives to Jesus. It may appear to be stating the obvious but the “Church” is to be composed of those who have a living relationship with Jesus. The Church is not those that walk in the door of a building. By God’s design it is to be an assembly of saved worshipers pursuing holiness, serving Jesus and each other. Not only were they saved they were devotedly faithful and consistent. The true Church of Jesus it is not to be found in what the church is doing for you it is to be found in what we are doing for His kingdom. The early Church did not come together because it was convenient, friendly, fun or entertaining. They came to be with those who like them wanted to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus! And when they were together they were involved in four things:

  1. Vs. 42b “Apostles doctrine”: Study of the Word of God. The word “doctrine” means teaching and the day the Church was born the Holy Spirit started a school where the Word of God was proclaimed and explained as all believers were taught. Our forefathers in the faith didn’t just dabble in the Word of God they ordered their lives around it.

  2. Vs. 42c “Fellowship”: Shared with the people of God. The word in the Greek is (koinonia) and it means to have things in common. It describes the partnership that we Christians share with Jesus and each other. Folks, fellowship is more then the time we go next door and eat.

  3. Vs. 42d “Breaking of bread”: Celebrated the work of God. The breaking of bread speaks of the communion or the Lord’s supper. When they got together they remembered the work of Jesus on the cross. We are told five things about what this communion service looked like in verse 46 as it was with: Gladness, simplicity of heart, in the temple and house to house daily.

  4. Vs. 42e “Prayers”: Communicated with the person of God. The early Church prayed according to the promise of God to provide all that they needed to accomplish His purposes in their lives. The Church is to be completely dependent upon the Lord.

So there you have what the early Spirit filled church was devoted to, Studying the Word of God, sharing with the people of God, celebrating the work of God and communicating with the person of God. This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!