“Upper Desert Discourse”

Mar 09 2020


Upper Desert Discourse

Deuteronomy takes place in the final month of Moses life at 120 years of age and is made up of the three final sermons delivered by him to a new generation who were either too young to remember or not born yet when Moses first brought forth the commandments at Mount Sinai 38 years earlier. Though the book only is about one month of time it is a message of remembrance spanning God’s faithfulness through those 38 years to encourage a new generation to trust God so that they can enjoy the blessings of all His promises. Folks it’s a sad fact that most of our anxiety stems from our failure to recall God’s faithfulness towards us in the past. Moses seems to be aware of this and has taken his final three sermons to remind the new generation that if one forgets God’s faithfulness in the past we are doomed to miss His faithfulness in the present and the future as well. Some have called these sermons Moses “Upper Desert Discourse” others coin it “The book of Remembrance”. The Hebrew title is simply “The Words” taken again from opening sentence of chapter one where Moss writes “These are the words”. The Jewish people often referred to this as the “repetition of the law” and it is from this that it got translated into the Greek as the “Second Law” or Deuteronomy. But in fact it is not a 2nd law but rather a repetition of the law to a new generation. This is the final of Moses five works and in Matthew 4:4 Jesus attributes it to Moses as well as many verses within the book where Moses tells us that God spoke to him. There is one section that obviously was not written by Moses and was most likely written by Joshua and that chapter 34:5-12 where we are told of Moses death and replacement by Joshua. Saint’s we start the study of this book this Wednesday and it will again be a blessing to our hearts.          


This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!