Numbers Can’t trust God

Jan 27 2020


Can’t trust God

The book of Numbers in the First Testament is one of those books of the Bible that many have attempted to read but few have made it through.  Numbers reminds us that it only took one night to deliver Israel out of Egypt, but it took 40 years to take Egypt out of Israel. During those 40 years of wondering in the wilderness the nation saw 1 ½ million of their country men die; that’s an average 82 deaths a day in what was to be only a 11-day journey to the land of promise. No wonder they were constantly on the move! The cause of this delay that led to a whole generation dying along the journey was; They refused to trust God even though He proved worthy of their trust. So, for 40 years they complained against God about His guidance, provision and protection. They didn’t like the folks God put in charge, they didn’t like the food and drink God gave them, they even told God that they preferred to go back and be in bondage then to have Him lead them. They spent most of their time complaining about every move God made, they were unhappy, ungrateful and defeated followers of God because they were unwilling to slay their biggest foe, themselves. Hey saints, the book of Numbers hits a little close to home. We tend to think that God makes mistakes, that “Father doesn’t know what is best”, that we are closer to the situation and can better handle things if He would just do things our way. Dear ones, in the wilderness called life there are millions of folks who are fighting God over CONTROL of their lives instead of trusting the only one who is capable of fulfilling His promises. Many a Christian has the faith necessary to trust God to lead them out slavery and bondage to the world but have decided that God can’t be trusted to guide them into the fullness of all His promises. So how about it; can you trust God or not? Careful, your answer may cause you some unnecessary time in a desert dying! 

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!