Titus 1: 5-6 “Looking for a few good men”

Jan 20 2020

Titus 1: 5-6

“Looking for a few good men”

The primary reason Paul left Titus on Crete was that he could “set in order” the local fellowships with the things that were lacking. The phrase “set in order” in the Greek comes from the medical world and means to set a broken bone. Paul’s command for Titus to train up qualified believers was from an area that he already acknowledged were “liars, evil beasts and lazy gluttons”. As such we see that these qualifications had nothing to do with:

  • Going to seminary
  • Being a good communicator
  • Having certain spiritual gifts

What qualified a person for leadership was a godly character. This was not a rigid list that demands perfection in all areas, instead it provides goals to reach and general criteria for selection. Generally, we see that these:

  1. Standards didn’t change: This list appears in Paul first letter to Timothy in chapter 3 and suggests that these characteristics were THE STANDARDS no matter where the physical location of the church was at.
  2. Expectations didn’t change: This list was not to be diminished even if the place you had the church was located in a community noted for the community behavior as always being, “liars, evil beasts and lazy gluttons”. There may have been more people in Ephesus that could measure up to these standards then in the small communities on the Island of Crete but that didn’t lesson the standards, though the search was more difficult.

First, Paul offers to Titus three pre-qualifications a person must have before consideration as he writes “if a man”: 

  1. Blameless: The word means “nothing to take a hold of” and means that when they have done something wrong they handled it right, by being open, and accepting responsibility, seeking reconciliation and desiring to live righteously.
  2. Husband of one wife: When this was written the culture that was dominated by Greek thought which thought that a man ought to have three women in his life:
  • Mistress: For conversation
  • Concubine: For pleasure
  • Wife: For children

Paul says, no you need to be a one-woman man!

  1. 3.     Having faithful children: This would mean that the home of the church leader should see children who were for the most part examples of obedience and were not living a rebellious and disobedient lifestyle while under the same roof.

Hey saints, this exhortation by Paul to Titus is a good thing for us to examine to see how we are growing, don’t you think? 

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!