First Testament Survey

Dec 09 2019

First Testament Survey

This coming Wednesday we will be starting our Survey of the First Testament, the first 39 books of our Bible. We will be sampling each book as we examine their content.

  • Who the writer was
  • Who they wrote too
  • The place and time they were written
  • The reason why they were written
  • And finally, how you can see Jesus in each book

It’s going to be an amazing journey together and I want to personally invite you all to come out on Wednesday to join us. We will provide a printed copy of the material so each person can build their own commentary guide for future reference. As a sample here is the opening to Genesis:

Ordinary history is recorded in a way that reveals the achievements and progress of people. The Bible’s chief aim however is to record the progress of God’s revelation of Himself to man. In Genesis we see how God showed His character and nature of holiness, justice, love and mercy. It can be summed up this way “the Bible is the revelation of God to man and the relation of man to God!” Here in these 10 words, (7 in Hebrew) we have something quite remarkable when compared to all the other opinions to the origin of the universe. All other philosophies start with what the senses can detect (time, space and matter) then attempt to understand how those things might have become what we now sense. Evolution has time, space and matter existing from nothing and then evolving into complex systems. But it fails to answer the question, “How did it all get here to begin with?” The perspective of Genesis is not to be a textbook of science or as someone well said, “it’s purpose is not to tell us how the heavens go but rather how to go to heaven!” Yet before these three things existed we are told of the existence of the Creator, (the uni-plural form of the name Elohim). The “im” in “Elohim” makes the name plural but it’s meaning singular. This name describes God as eternal existing before the universe as all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere at once. Therefore, nothing is impossible for God! We are told right here that God created something out of nothing. When we create something, we do so by assembling together existing materials but that is not the way that God created. The Bible speaks of the intelligent design of the world not random chance but rather a special creation by a personal God!

I can’t wait to get into this study with you as we grow together in our love of God’s Word.


This has been Pastor Dale