Philippians 2:5-12 “Working at Joy”

Nov 25 2019

Philippians 2:5-12

“Working at Joy”

Mark Twain once wrote that there are, “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” In Philippians 2:5-6 Paul had given us a good example in the threefold view of Christ, and he wrote that we ought to have the same mind as He did in dealing with people who try to steal our joy. Paul wrote of Jesus’ “renunciation” and where we see the utter beauty of Jesus as He laid down in eternity His right to rights. Next Paul wrote Jesus’ “humiliation” where we see the depths that Jesus willing went without a word or action of complaint to reach the lowest person. Finally, Paul wrote of Jesus’ “exaltation” where because of His “humiliation” and “renunciation” we can fully recognize Jesus’ “exaltation”. In the wild the African impala can leap over ten feet in the air to hurdle brush while running at full speed. Yet if you have ever gone to a zoo you will see these impressive animals behind a fence that is only four feet high. Why don’t just take a run and jump over the fence as they could do so easily? Well it seems that the impala will never jump if it can’t see where it will land. Paul writes for us, “impala’s” that over the fences of “renunciation” and “humiliation” is the wonderful ground of “exaltation” so in this section he tells us we need to jump! Paul’s purpose in showing us the view was so that we could jump into it ourselves as he prefaced our walk by first stating that we were to have this same mind of Christ. Friend that is the danger of the Bible, if we read it in context we will be required by the work and power of the Holy Spirit to become like it! Paul uses a word for obey that is a practical word that means to apply the principal so you can enjoy what God has richly provided! If we are going to maintain joy it is going to require obedience and obedience is WORK! So how about, it are you ready to get to work so you can be full of joy?

This has been Pastor Dale