John 10:10 “The Door”

Nov 18 2019

John 10:10

“The Door”

In John chapter 10 Jesus uses an illustration taken from the realm of shepherding. In verse 6 Jesus describes Himself as the “door” of the sheepfold. Twice in two verses Jesus refers to Himself as “the door” and by saying this He is saying that He alone is the entrance to flock of God. This is a picture taken from the time when the shepherd would lead his flock out of the sheepfold to the hillside where they grazed through the morning hours, and then in the early afternoon he would provide a temporary shelter built of shrubs where they can rest. This is a corral-type structure within which the sheep can lay, protected from wild beasts, and it has an opening across which the shepherd himself lies so that the sheep cannot go in or out without crossing over him, to get to the sheep whoever they may be would have to go through the Shepherd. This figure indicates a further ministry of the Lord. Having called the sheep to come to him, and having led them out, the shepherd stood guard over the sheep and was the only door thus making sure that they could be at rest. In verse 9 Jesus says, you will “go in and out and find pasture”. There are three wonderful truths here:

  1. To “go in” speaks of always having security and peace.
  2. But when Jesus speaks of “going out” that suggests having liberty. So, with Jesus as our Shepherd we have both security and liberty.
  3. Finally, Jesus says, “You will find pasture”, the promise is that we will find food for the soul, the mind, and the heart. He then describes the pasture as, “I have come that they may have life, and they may have it more abundantly.”  Did you get that dear saint? “Abundant life”! Not just surviving, hanging in there living from day to day, but a life filled with joy and peace and love.

Jesus didn’t say He was “A” door but “THE” door and everyone else is a thief? If you read what the other so-called ways to God they only claim at best to be “A” way. Notice the use of the word in verse 9 “if anyone enters by Me, he will be saved”, Jesus is exclusively “THE DOOR” the only entrance and exit but that entrance is available so that anyone can come. So how about it, have you come into THE DOOR?   


This has been Pastor Dale