Romans 9:30-33 "The Rock"

Sep 23 2019

Romans 9:30-33

The Rock

As you all know I’m just beginning my new road upon things that, though familiar to my

eyes are now foreign to my heart. I’m having to relearn how to walk a new! At times, the

grief feels like waves that crash upon my soul for a brief moment only to return a short

time later. But the PTSD is different, it resembles the tides that rise up to flood the banks

of my life. As powerful as those both are I am also experiencing the reality of

overcoming these two forces of waves and tides by standing upon my Rock who alone is

able to sustain me against both waves and tides. It reminds me of what Paul wrote to the

Romans in chapter 9 verses 30-33. This passage specifically deals with the Gentile

salvation and the Jewish separation. The problem was that the Jews thought that by their

self-efforts they had obtained righteousness. There were many in Israel who chose to

stumble at the ROCK instead of standing on it because standing on it would mean that

they weren’t strong enough to stand on their own works. It is a human delusion, fostered

by Satan, that salvation is within our natural reach. That any time we want to we can,

with minimal effort, at the last minute, make up our mind to do a little this or that and

God will be forced to accept what we have offered instead of us accepting what He has

offered, His only begotten Son and choosing to stand upon the Rock of our salvation.

Perhaps that is the chief blessing attached to waves and tides upon our lives as we will

discover the Rock of our salvation!

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!