“The Secret of the Cypress”

Jul 22 2019

Romans 5:3-5

“The Secret of the Cypress”

For 7 wonderful years my wife Donna and I lived in the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

The symbol for the area is the 250-year-old Lone Cypress found on the 17-mile drive.

This tree has been painted, sculpted and as I can attest made into jewelry. The secret to its

admired beauty is the wind that constantly blows, as it produces an outward beauty as

well as an inward strength. The root system of the Cypress goes deeper than any other

tree in the state; even deeper than the mighty redwoods. Dear ones, if you want to be

reflecting the beauty of the Lord, He will need to sink your roots down deep and the

winds of trials and tribulation are certain to do just that. What we learn is, God puts us

in fixes to fix us!

In Paul’s letter to the Romans in chapter 5 verses 3-5 he anticipates the fact that

such a claim wouldn’t match the personal experience attributed to present persecution, so

he says, “I know we have many tribulations now, but we glory in those also.” The word

“tribulation” does not refer to minor inconveniences, as it comes from a word that

describes the crushing of olives under heavy rocks to extract the oil. Paul had discovered

that such “stresses” produce “endurance”. Then he says, “Perseverance produced,

character; and character, hope”. Jesus promised His disciples in John 16:33 “That in this

life you will have tribulation.” The promise is that “we can be of good cheer because

Jesus has overcome the world.” Trials work for us NOT against us and no amount of

stress can separate us from the love of God they will only cause us to draw closer to his

love which in turn, like the Cypress, produce an outward beauty as well as an inward

strength. In verse 5 Paul anticipates the common mindset in Christians who see their self

worth and value based upon work that such “stresses” are either “undeserving” or “a

direct result of our failure”. But Paul offers a different view of trials as they are to

strengthen our “Hope”. Stresses cause us to reevaluate the motive behind our works and

to abandon everything except resting in the “Love of God” which He has already poured

out towards and continues to pour out towards us. Just remember saints, God's love isn't

given to us in a trickle, it is poured out in our hearts.

This has been pastor Dale, Blessings!