Colossians 1:4-8 “Food for sawdust”

Oct 08 2018

Colossians 1:4-8 “Food for sawdust”

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians he addresses the secular influence of the world among this church. His antidote is to offer this church the superiority of Jesus. The story is told of a Roman colony in Northern Africa that was going through a sever famine during the reign of Caesar Nero. The starving people looked out upon the Mediterranean Sea and saw Roman ships on the horizon and rejoiced saying, “Caesar has sent us ships.” When the ships made it to port instead of grain they were full of sawdust to lie on the floor of the circuses. The people were longing for food and got sawdust; they craved substance and got a circus! That is what Paul faced in the church at Colossi, Christians longed for the Bread of life but had only been receiving the sawdust of false teaching, they craved the substance of Christ but the church had become a circus! In chapter 4-8 Paul traces the four stages of the Colossians:

  • Vs. 5b-7 Listeners: We are told that these Colossians “heard” the word of truth of the gospel.

  • Vs. 4 Believers: It is possible to hear and not believe as many hear the truth but not all believe. But those believed did so not by having faith in their faith but rather by having faith in Christ.

  • Vs. 7 Learners: The word translated learned is the Greek word “disciple” and it reveals that believing in Jesus is only the beginning. The word disciple is found 260 times in the Gospels and Acts and in this time meant more than just listening it meant who lived with the teacher and learned by listening, looking and living!

  • Vs. 8 Doers: Finally, Paul declares that many of these Colossians had become doers of the Word. That is the cycle of life as we go from a hearer to a doer, from being sown to a sower.

    That’s God's favorite way of evangelism: He chooses to use people who have been impacted by Christ to touch lives of those who are need of that same impact. That is how the gospel spreads and that is how God will reach the Bitterroot Valley and make it the Better Root Valley!

    This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!