Jeremiah “The suffering servant”

Sep 03 2018

The suffering servant
Jeremiah lived 60 years after the days of Isaiah and was the son of a priest who only lived

two miles from Jerusalem. He was called at an early age to bring a message to a nation who would hate him for it. His ministry would span 47 years during a time that would correspond and over lap that of Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Daniel and Ezekiel. His prophetic ministry would be towards a nation that would go through five kings and only the first of those, “Josiah” was a spiritual reformer. The first 22 years the messages God had him proclaim were a series of 12 messages concerning coming judgment at the very time Judah was being threatened by Assyria and Egypt. This was followed by 19 years where he prophesized to Judah of God’s coming to discipline which would lead to the nations captivity during which they were first threatened then besieged by Babylon. The final eight years of Jeremiah’s messages were spoken while he was in Jerusalem and Egypt after Judah had been taken captive. His ministry was one that was often characterized by misery and a call to have faith during times of failure. He more than all the other prophets is the most courageous as he was called to speak the truth to those who didn’t want to hear it. Instead of responding to the truth and turning from the destruction that was coming they chose rather to destroy the messenger because they didn’t like the message. For 47 years he spoke to the nation a message of destruction of the nation that he loved and during those 47 years he never saw any fruit from his message. Yet during those years he never became bitter and instead remained broken hearted living his life alone as the Lord told him not to marry (16:2). Publicly, he never waivers and is fearless both in his message and to whom he shares it with regardless of the consequences. But privately he is alone and feels forsaken, rejected and hated by all. What He says before God give us great insight into the battles of his heart dealing with such discouragement. His life is a balancing act where though called by God to speak the truth he suffered tremendously because he at times failed to draw from God’s love for him. At times Jeremiah forgot who called Him and what he was called too. So God would remind him that he was called to speak God’s Word, he was not called to be popular or successful in the nations eyes. God called him to be faithful only to Him and to find his comfort in his relationship with the Lord.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!