Acts 8:31-40 “Effective preaching”

Jun 25 2018

Acts 8:31-40

“Effective preaching”

God has a clear and simple threefold plan to reach the world:

•• The Spirit of God

•• The Word of God

•• The servant of God

We see all three of these at work in Acts chapter 8:31-40 as Philip was prompted by the

Holy Spirit to run up the Ethiopian Eunuch while he was reading form the book of Isaiah.

Looking at Philip’s question to him of, “Do you understand what you are reading?”

reveals two important points from this:

a. Philip knew enough of the Word of God to meet the seeker where he was.

b. Philip was excited about the opportunity. God says, “Go near” and Philip runs

at the opportunity!

The Eunuch invited Philip to come up and explain the Word he had just been reading and

in verse 35 we are told that, “Philip opened his mouth, and beginning at this Scripture,

preached Jesus to him”. That tells us that Philip had to interpret or explain the passage to

him. Philip was a great listener as he waited until the Eunuch asked the question then

preached Jesus to him! Philip does not tell him what to do instead he tells him what God

has done for him! It is only after the Eunuch asks about baptism that Philip responds.

Philips message centered upon three things:

1. Vs. 35 “beginning at this Scripture”: CENTER ON THE WORD OF GOD. Philip

centered his message around truth not opinions or experiences. Philip heard him read

aloud and brought him to the truth contained in those verses and went on from there.

2. Vs. 35 “preached Jesus”: CENTERED ON JESUS. When Philip opened his mouth it

was to point the Eunuch to Jesus and not to his Church in Samaria or some new


3. Vs. 36 “What hinders me from being baptized?” CENTERED IT AROUND A

RESPONSE. Philip made sure that at the end of his guiding the Eunuch through the

Word of God centered upon Jesus that he had an opportunity to respond to the

promises of God! The aim or goal of our sharing is that we want them to trust Jesus in

their lives.

Saint’s I pray that we, follow the Spirit of God, allowing the Word of God to change us,

to be servants of God as there is no lack of people wondering around in spiritual deserts

that need to understand the truth.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!