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The truth about Islam

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on_sqAre the Koran and Allah  of Islam the same as the  Bible and God?

The answer to this is no! First the religion of Islam is divided into three different groups:

  • Shi’ities: Who believe that the religious leaders should also be the political leaders.
  • Sunnites: Who believe that there should be a separation between these different groups.
  • Sufis: Who are a mystical group that teach a religion of works that will bring a person to union with Allah.

What they all agree on is a belief in God.

Is this the same God as the God in the Bible?

Again the answer is no. According to the Koran Allah “Is not meet (meant) to have children”; (wording is quoted from Koran); thus they deny the trinity of God that Christians believe in.

Where did Allah and the belief in him as god come from?

It has been proven that the pre-Arabic nomadic tribes worshiped over 300 deities. In fact in Mecca they had a temple with all of them displayed, one of which was called Allah. In reality he was kind of a remake of the Cannaite god Baal. Baal was the moon god who was married to the sun god and had three daughters. The symbol of this showed a crescent moon with three stars over it; all of this is mentioned in the Koran and is indeed the symbol of Islam today. Simply put these idols existed prior to Muhammad and were worshipped by him and his family before Islam.

What are the differences between the God of the Bible and Allah?

A. The Bible says God is Spirit – Koran says that Allah is not.

B. The Bible says God is personal – Koran says Allah is not.

C. The Bible says that God can not lie or deny Himself – Koran says that Allah can lie, change his mind or do what ever.

What are the major differences

between Jesus and Muhammad?

A. Jesus’ coming was predicted by over 300 prophecies – Muhammad’ was not.

B. Jesus had a miraculous birth – Muhammad did not.

C. Jesus did miracles – Muhammad did not.

D. Jesus lived a sinless life – Muhammad did not and in fact was told by Allah to repent of his sins.

E. Jesus never forced anyone to believe His message of love – Muhammad forced people to believe or die.

F. Jesus lived a moral life – Muhammad did many immoral acts recorded in the Koran.

G. Jesus died for our sins, rose the third day and has ascended to the Father where He intercedes for us – Muhammad is nothing more than a dead man.

What is the difference between the

Koran and the Bible?

A. The Koran was not written until 600 years after the New Testament and was not compiled until after Muhammad had died, by a cleric who was a Shi’itie and got rid of 25% of it because it contradicted his views. For instance, there are four different stories of how Muhammad became a prophet.

B. In over 25 places Muhammad appeals

to the Bible as authoritative over the

Koran. (The lesser always appeals to

the greater.)

C. Islam has the following claims about  the Koran:

Allah wrote the book on stone tablets while in heaven in perfect Arabic. Therefore it is:

  • Perfect in everyway, no grammatical errors, no foreign words or phrases, no scientific, historic or geographic errors.
  • It was written on one manuscript so it is impossible to have any contradictions. Yet with that said no one has ever seen nor do they know where the original manuscript is.

D.  The truth is that there are tons of


1. Grammatically it is written in 7th century Arabic from a dialect that would have been commonly used by Muhammad around Mecca and it is not 100% Arabic.

2. Scientifically it claims that the sun sets and rises from a muddy pond.

3. Historically it claims that Alexander the Great was a Muslim who died at an old age. Instead we know that he believed in many gods and died in his twenties.

4. Biblically comparing the Koran’s stories with the truth of the Bible you will find:

A. In one place it claims that Allah created the world in 8 days, then in another place it says that he did it in 6 days.

B. The Koran claims that Christians believe in three Gods the Father, Mother and Son.

C.  The Koran claims the Jews believed

Ezra was the Son of God.

D.   It claims the Jesus spoke as a newborn

baby and declared that he was a Muslim.

E.   It proclaims the Jesus’ mother’s name

was Miriam, not Mary, and that she

was the sister of Aaron and Moses.

F. Many of the Bible stories are all mixed up like the story of Esther where Haman was a leader in Persia. The Koran says that he lived in Egypt and worked under the Pharaoh and opposed Moses. He then built the tower of Babel during which time Noah’s flood took place and one of Noah’s son’s refused to get into the ark and drowned. The ark ended up landing on Mount Judy.

G. The Koran says that Nimrod and Abraham were enemies and that Nimrod cast Abraham into the fiery furnace but that Abraham came out of the fire unharmed. (clearly mixing up the three different Bible stories)

All of this can be understood when one remembers that Muhammad was nomadic and illiterate, so he would sit around a campfire with folks and swap stories.

Is Islam and the Koran a religion of peace?

See for yourself in this very small sampling of the Koran.

  • “So when the scared months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is forgiving, merciful.”
  • “And fight with them until there is no more persecution and religion should be only for Allah; but if they desist, then surely Allah sees what they do.”