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“The Keys to staying together when the world is falling apart”

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Genesis 45-46

The Keys to staying together when the world is falling apart”


In Genesis chapter 45-46 Jacob passed through his “crises of faith” a stronger more peaceful man. In chapters 47-48 we see him at his death. For those of us Jacob types we might want to pay attention so that we can spare our self’s some wasted years. What are the keys to Jacob’s change while in Egypt as compared to the rest of his life? For most of his 147 years his life was a constant struggle and he was easily shaken from trusting the Lord, yet in the final 17 years he is “God ruled”. While thinking about the change I remembered a book I picked up after my recent drive across the “Golden Gate Bridge”. The book by Earl Palmer states an interesting fact that if I had known at the time I’m not sure I would have driven the 2 miles across it. You see the bridge is built directly upon the San Andreas Fault yet through out its existence it has survived many earthquakes. What are the keys to its success that has enabled it to survive while others have crumbled?

  1. First the bridge was built anticipating the need to change. At its center the bridge has the flexibility to sway some 20 feet. In other word’s the key to its survival is its “FLEXIBILITY” apart from which it would just snap and break.

  2. Second by design, every part of the bridge, (from its concrete roadway, steel railings, to its crossbeams) is wielded joint upon joint, thus in every way it is inner connected. As important as this inner connection is the key to its usefulness is what it is ultimately anchored to. Every thing is linked to the two great towers and they are anchored to two great land piers and the piers are attached deep into the rock foundation beneath the sea. The towers bare the weight and thus the strength and support of the whole bridge and they are imbedded into the solid rock. The key to the bridge’s stability then is its total preoccupation with its “FOUNDATION”.

Wow, the keys to survival through out our journeys are the same as Jacob’s and the Golden Gate Bridge: FLEXIBILITYandFOUNDATION”. Get it? Success is not a destination but rather a journey! The important thing is not to measure your success based upon how long you have been on the road but rather the distance you have traveled since you started!

This has been pastor Dale, Blessings!