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Ephesians 2:14-17



Have you ever noticed, as far as people are concerned, that there are really only two races of people? It does not seem to mater where on the globe people reside, what language they speak, their income bracket, education or age, there are only two nationalities, US an THEM! Further more it seems as though US and THEM’S can’t get along. I’ve noticed that as far as I’m concerned I’ve always been an US, but I recognize to the THEM’s I’m a THEM and they’re the US. Nations have tried to establish peace treaties only to see that the peace they so desperately sought fall apart. Why with all of mankind’s ingenuity can’t we as Rodney King once said, “Just get along?” It only takes a quick glance at history and we can see that we have been unable to live in harmony with each other, we simply don’t know the way of peace. So what’s the answer? Well it’s right here before us in this passage which is part of God’s reconciliation plan. In Ephesians chapter 2 verse 14-17 Paul talks about what Jesus has done to rectify this global problem. God has made out of US’s and THEM’s those who Paul describes as “fellow citizens, members of the household of God and a holy temple.” God accomplished this by placing the US and THEM’s into a new race called the “In HIM’s”!

First I think we have set the definition for what peace is way too low. We have tended to think of peace as the mere cessation of hostility towards each other. Peace that is only the agreement not to fight will never last. So what then is peace? Paul uses the word “peace” three times in these verses and each time it describes an aspect of how God has reconciled man back to each other:

  1. Vs. 14 “He Himself is our peace

  2. Vs. 15 “so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace

  3. Vs. 17 “He came and preached peace

Right away you will notice something about “peace” that has escaped those people committed to seeking and maintaining it. Peace, as Paul describes is not to be found in a treaty or accord, neither is it described in terms of compromise or program’s. Instead Paul uses the words “He and Himself” to describe what peace is all about. Now these words refer to verse 13 where Paul declares that “in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” So then the “He and Himself” of verses 14, 15, 17 all point to Jesus. Friend’s, Peace is a Person who is none other then Jesus. This has been Pastor Dale Blessings!