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“The Exit”

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The Exit”


This Wednesday we we will be starting the book of Exodus. The name Exodus was given to the book at the time of it’s translation into Greek and means “exit or way out”. The Hebrew title follows the pattern of naming a book off of the first few words of the book, “These are the names..”. The rabbis call it “The Book of Names”. Exodus is all about God creating “an EXIT for man kind from deaths bondage; the road towards redemption.” There are three main sections to the book:

  1. Chp. 1-18: Here we see God getting His People out of Egypt.His people out of bondageH The main focus is the Lord raising up a man to be a deliver, and the processes by which God will use Him to free his people.
  2. Chp. 19-24: This section deals with God revealing His attributes to His people. Here we see that God does not just call His people out of something He call them to something as well.
  3. Chp. 25-40: Finally, we will discover Gods purpose for all people, to dwell with them in fellowship. We see this in Gods commanding them to build a tabernacle.

God desires to set us free from sin and calls us to Himself that He might dwell with us! The author of the book is none other then the main figure of the book, Moses. His life is broken apart in this book in three groups of forty years.

  1. Chp. 2:1-15: His first forty years are seen in Pharaoh’s place. For forty years Moses thought he was something when he was nothing.
  2. Chp. 2:16 – 4:31: His second forty years were spent in the desert of Midian. Moses spent the next forty years think he was nothing when he was something.
  3. Chp. 5-40: His last forty years Moses was in the wilderness as the leader of God’s people. So the last forty years Moses realized that God delights in using nothing’s to accomplish something.

The book also reminds us of four great events which point to events every believer’s life:

  1. The Passover: The judgment of God upon sin called Passover. This speaks of our conversion when we confessed our need for Jesus and His blood was sprinkled on the door posts of our heart.
  2. The crossing of the Red sea: This is where God took a bunch of people and made them His people. We speak of this work when we say that we are a new creation. This happens at the same time of our conversion when we were brought out of the bondage with the world and into His kingdom.
  3. The giving of the law: Here God brought to His people at Mount Sinai the realization of His character of Holiness. For the believer this is our growing process as we get into His word and realize more and more who He is.
  4. The construction of the tabernacle: This is Gods provision for dwelling with man. It is here that we see that God desires to dwell with us in spite of us and it is all based upon what He has done for us.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!