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“Graceful in grace”

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Acts 16:1-5

Graceful in grace


Christian liberty and grace can be a difficult hurdle to jump. While we Christians are under grace and not the law, there have been times when our freedoms have caused us to stumble. In Acts chapter 16 verse 1-5 Paul and his young convert Timothy faced just such a challenge. Timothy’s mother was Jewish and his father was Greek and the Jewish believers wanted him to get circumcised. Though Timothy had been saved by faith in Christ and was under grace he willing submitted to this very painful procedure so he could help minister to those not under the same grace. Years I go I had an experience that brought this into perspective to me. My young teenage son and I had gone to a professional basketball game and after the game we made our way out the busiest entrance. To avoid all pushing and shoving Tommy looked at me and said, “Dad lets take a short cut across the lawn!” As he was saying that he jumped the three-foot fence and head down hill across the lawn. I watched him clear the fence with grace not even touching it. As I approached the wall my first reaction was, “Don’t do it!” But just then my son turned around and gave me the look that says, “Man is he ever getting old, why the poor old codger can’t even jump a wall!” I had every intention of being graceful, yet in my freedom and liberty to jump the wall I was anything but graceful. As I recovered a Bible verse popped into my head, (1 Corinth 6:12) which in the N.L.T. says, “You may say, I am allowed to do anything.” But I reply, “Not everything is good for you.” I had the freedom to hop the wall but it was not good for me. It brought into view practically the difficulty we Christians have in being graceful in our grace. Grace carries with it a practical application, “It’s not about me!” Saints there is an art of being “graceful in grace”.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!