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Oct 27 2019 09:00 - Oct 27 2019 12:30


Communion Sunday is the Sunday that we set aside time corporately to observe the Lord's Supper.  While Communion is made available every Sunday, we take the time once a month to partake together as the body of Christ.  Communion was instituted by the Lord on the night He was betrayed.  As He communicated this way to celebrate the new covenant, He also told us to do it often in remembrance of Him.  While we don't believe that communion is an any way the actual body and blood of Christ (He died once for all), we do believe that communion is an important way to remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on our behalf as payment for our sins.  In observing communion together we declare the truths of His gospel, His death, burial, resurrection, and return.  Join us as we honor our Lord together in this way.