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“Christian Leadership”

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Judges 4:1-4

Christian Leadership”


Harry Truman, the 33rd president defined leadership as, “The ability to get men to do what they don’t want to do and like doing it!” Christian leadership is dependent upon:

  • Godly character
  • Submission to biblical truth
  • A servant’s heart
  • The empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Without the church fulfilling this role, society will quickly turn to the culture to fill the vacuum with its own values. Deborah was just such a women and Chapters 4-5 of the book of Judges give a narrative of the events of her ministry. Her name means “Honey Bee” which fit her character: A Bee’s wax is the most heat-resistant wax there is, withstand heat up to 141 degrees. But it is what happens at that temperature that is amazing, bees will join together flapping their wings at 190 times per second to cool their hive, they are very industrious! They also are extremely discerning: They have over 2000 plates in their antennae which enable them to identify the proper flowers to draw nectar from. Finally, bees are best known for producing sweet honey. And all of that fits Deborah as she was very industrious, extremely discerning, had a sweet disposition but man did she pack a powerful sting! Deborah was an exceptional woman and leader and there are four insights into her character that we ought to apply in our own lives in day in which we live.

  1. She saw a need and was committed to do something about it: In Judges chapter 5 verses 6-7 she writes that “the highways were deserted, and the travelers walked along the byways. Village life ceased, Israel, until I, Deborah, arose, as a mother in Israel.” Far too often leaders are caught between uncritical lovers and unloving critics. Love without criticism brings stagnation and criticism without love brings destruction. But love with criticism brings instruction. Leaders need to know where they are going.
  2. She wasn’t afraid to enlist help: In chapter 4 verse 6 we are told that she “Sent and called for Barak”. Israel had a military problem and she needed a military leader to do what she couldn’t do. She knew enough to know her limitations and put together a team.
  3. She motivated the team: In verses 6-9 we are told that she said “Has not the Lord God of Israel commanded.. and I will deliver them into your hand.” Barak was a gifted man but he needed to be spiritually encouraged to take up the fight. Deborah did this by sharing the Word of God, reminding him of the promises of God and saying she would be willing to go for God herself.
  4. She had a plan: Verses 6-7 list very specific plans that God gave her. Folks, seeing a need is easy having a plan and willing to commit to it yourself is another deal altogether.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!