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“A winning hand”

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2 Thessalonians 2:14-15

A winning hand”


In 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 13-14 Paul encourages the Church at Thessalonica that was so persecuted it had begun to believe that it missed the rapture and therefor weren’t really believers. His words were meant to “Comfort their hearts and establish them in every good word and work”, verse 15. There are 6 truths that can truly cause you to remain “joy filled” no matter what we face this year. Further more if applied regularly there is no way that our enemy (satan) will be able to defeat us. Did you know that it is impossible for satan to defeat us or the church? That means that his only strategy is aimed at getting the church or the Christian to quit by tossing in their winning hand! Saint’s these 6 truths are vital for us to remember so we won’t “toss in our winning hand”:

  1. You are the beloved of the Lord: No matter how you feel or the world treats you!
  2. You are chosen for salvation: Our salvation isn’t from adversity but from destruction.
  3. Your sanctification is by the Spirit: God’s sees us perfect in His Son and one day we will too!
  4. You believe in THE truth: Our trust is in THE truth, not superstition. There is no other truth then the one we have trusted in!
  5. You were called by the “good news”: Bad is not the new good! The consequences of our past pursuit of sin was far greater than the temporary passing pleasures they offered.
  6. Your destiny is glory: Those that seem to have it so good while embracing a lie aren’t doing as well as we will be for all eternity!

Ah, I feel better already don’t you? This has been pastor Dale, Blessings!