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1 Corinthians Chapters 8-10

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1 Corinthians

Chapters 8-10


In Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians it is apparent that the major reason for writing was to address seven questions the church wanted answers for. The gist of their 2nd question had to do with eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols, but the root of their question went much deeper. There are, in scripture, definite commands and practices that the Bible speaks about authoritatively; specific things that as Christians we have no doubt how God feels about our participation in them. We are not to steal, murder, backbite, covet or commit adultery; these things are plainly laid out for us, and the Bible clearly calls such things, sinful. But what about the “gray” areas where the behavior is not mentioned or prohibited? Some gray areas come about as society changes, or the culture in which they are practiced differ than ours. How are we Christians to navigate through the maze of living in a world that is clearly not ours? I’m sure that none of us today struggled with the issue of where our steak came from. But many of us have questions concerning areas like:

  • Can a Christian smoke?

  • Can they have alcohol as long as they don’t get drunk?

  • Can Christians go to the movies or watch T.V?

  • Can Christians listen to certain types of music?

Those things aren’t specifically mentioned in the Bible, so how should we govern our lives concerning them? That’s what Paul address in the three chapters of 1 Corinthians starting in chapter 8 through chapter 10, as he gives four guidelines for Christian living:

  1. Chp. 8 Truth must be balanced by love

  2. Chp. 9 Rights must be balanced by reward

  3. Chp. 10 verses1-22 Opportunity must be balanced by servitude

  4. Chp. 10 verse 23-33 Freedom must be balanced by responsibility

Saints our guidance through the list of things we should or shouldn’t participate in, will be answered by studying this section and seeking the balance of the word of God.

This has been Pastor Dale, Blessings!