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Dale Lewis – Mark 14:1-9 “Driven by devotion”

  Mark 14:1-9 “Driven by devotion” Introduction 1-2 The religion of self 3-9 The beauty of devotion Introduction This section comes right after Mark recording the Olivet Discourse with Jesus’ focus on what the Church should do when the world is coming apart prior to His return, keep busy working at the work that He…


Sep.21 Exodus Study

  Exodus 12:14-51 “Memorial Day” Outline: I.) Intro. II.) Vs. 14-28 Rejoice, remember, reach  III.) Vs. 29-36 The blessing of obedience IV.) Vs. 37-51 From worriers to warriors Intro. II.) Vs. 14-28 Rejoice, remember, reach Vs. 14 In verse 13 God had just announced the purpose of the Passover, “And when I see the blood,…


Dale Lewis – Mark 13:28-37 “Watch”

    Mark 13:28-37 “Watch” Introduction 28-31 The days of Noah 32-37 The doorkeeper Introduction Jesus was answering the disciple’s question of “When” and tells them that prior to it there will be “false signs”. Then He gave them the what they had asked Him for “the sign of the end of the age”, “the…


“Biblical repentance”

      Exodus “Biblical repentance” One of the many themes of the 9th chapter of Exodus that fascinates me is both the ways of how God warns Pharaoh and the Egyptians of the consequences of their rebellion, as He does so both by grace and by judgment. In the 20th and 21st verses of…


Sep.14 Exodus Study

  Exodus 11: – 12:13 “The Lord Does Make a Difference” Outline: I.) Intro. II.) Vs. 1-11 A blessing or a final blow? III.) Vs. 12:1-6a A Chosen lamb. IV.) Vs. 6b-13 A lamb slain. Intro. Life, from our perspective, is all about choices. To make right choices, which all of us would like to…

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